Word Up North, a literary development organisation based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, is probably better known for its annual Ilkley Literary Festival than its name. They are committed to helping some students improve their creative writing skills by hosting literary events. After our team communicated with Eric Morris, director of the company, we learned that the company did not have a mature website at present and did not have a large marketing budget.

       Our group came up with some ideas to help Word Up North improve the communication and marketing effectiveness of its young writers and encourage more young people to participate in weekly creative writing groups, and the individual proposal's purpose was to derive Idea 1, help Word Up North clarify and establish a strong brand identity.



Get rid of the "literary" label

Give up building new website & new Logo

Eric Morris says Word up North's work is about language communication in addition to the definition of literature, it's also about the use of any kind of vocabulary and language. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the overly limited Word "literature", and we also need to show the relationship between Ilkley Literature Festival and Word up North.



Logo design scheme

According to G2 research, having a consistent brand identity across all platforms can increase revenue by 10-20%, so creating a comprehensive brand identity involves defining key elements such as brand sound, tone, visual aesthetics, and messaging strategy. For Word Up North, this may require adopting warm, inviting tones in its communications, using vibrant colors reminiscent of northern landscapes, and infusing imagination and storytelling themes into its messages.

Word up North can use the more well-known Ilkley Literature Festival website to launch a creative painting competition, and the painting title is based on the three words of Word up North. This can not only help the brand get rid of the limited activity of "literature", but also let more people know about Word up North and improve its visibility. Perhaps the company Logo could be born from a child's pen.

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Contest Structure:

  1. Announcement and Guidelines: Word Up North announces the contest through Ilkley Literature Festival website, social media channels, and local schools or partner school. Clear guidelines are provided, including the theme (literature, creativity, community), size specifications, and submission deadlines.
  2. Promotion: Engage with local media outlets, libraries, and community centers to promote the contest. Encourage children of all ages to participate, fostering a sense of excitement and creativity.
  3. Submission Process: Children submit their drawings either digitally or through physical mail, accompanied by a parental consent form. Entries are reviewed for adherence to guidelines and appropriateness.
  4. Selection Process: A panel of judges comprising Word Up North staff, local artists, and community leaders evaluate the submissions based on creativity, originality, and relevance to the organization's values.
  5. Finalists: The top entries are selected as finalists and showcased on Word Up North's website and social media platforms for public voting.
  6. Winner Announcement: The winning design, selected through a combination of judges' scores and public votes, is announced in a special ceremony or event. The winning child receives recognition, possibly a prize, and the opportunity to see their artwork become the official logo of Word Up North.

Multi-Medium Plan for Word Up North


  • Serve as the central hub for Word Up North, providing information about events, author profiles, literary resources, and community initiatives.
  • Content: Event calendars, blog posts, author interviews, membership information, and interactive forums.
  • Poster Publishing: Announce upcoming events, workshops, and literary festivals through visually appealing posters on the website's homepage and dedicated event pages.


  • Share visually engaging content, including event highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, book recommendations, and user-generated content.
  • Content: High-quality images, short videos, Instagram Stories, IGTV episodes, and interactive polls or quizzes.
  • Video Publishing: Post teaser trailers, author interviews, and event recaps on IGTV, leveraging Instagram's visual storytelling capabilities.


Connect with a younger audience demographic through short-form, entertaining content related to literature, writing tips, book reviews, and challenges.

Content: Snappy videos, book recommendations, writing prompts, literary-themed challenges, and collaborations with influencers or local artists.

Video Publishing: Publish engaging and creative videos showcasing Word Up North's unique personality, events, and community interactions.